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Sprawl II ♥ (Soulwax Remix) Music Video - Arcade Fire

bless ur soul alex 

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 they’re so different and adorable and perfect. I just can’t handle. I want a love like theirs, plz  ♥ ♡ ❤

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i m won butler plz


i m won butler plz

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Richie story time

Probably like 5 years ago Richard has his gold record in the back of his car while he was crossing a border. The lady was like “What’s this?” and Richie said “I’ll tell you, it’s a gold record.” “You mean like a platinum record?” and he said “Well yeah.” and she said “Well what band are you in winning all these awards?”. Richie was like “Well I play in Arcade Fire.” and the lady says “sooo… you’re famous then?”. And Richard the humble man that he is goes on to say “Well no.” the lady is like “YEAH! You’re a famous band!”. Immediately after that the lady is like “This is your car?!?!?”

It was ‘96 camry wagon, that he had just bought LOL 


The lady at the border crossing says “Why don’t you get a new car?” Poor Richie said “I just bought this car!”

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Interviewer: Working with David Bowie, what’s that like?

Jeremy: He is lovely and… smells really good.

Interviewer: What is next for you?

What can be bigger than... (headlining coachella)

Jeremy: Retirement

Richard: Robbing banks

Jeremy: We're already robbing banks technically

Richard: We're metaphorically robbing banks

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Sprawl II ♥ (Soulwax Remix) Music Video - Arcade Fire

Very Cool :-)

Thank you! 

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